What is Taweez and is it harmful in any condition?

Monday, 20 November 2017

What is Taweez and is it harmful in any condition?

Taweez is an adoptable method in Quran to keep the evil things like spirits, Jinns and other evil things away and it is also the way to ask Allah(SWT) for any desirable thing. Taweez never harm anyone but is the most useful tool to solve the real life problems and issues. Basically in the Holy book Quran there are many types of Duas that are recited to solve the problems to make Taweez One Dua is taken from the Glory book according to the problem of the person and that Dua is written on the piece of paper. After folding that paper is sewn in a black or red cloth and one thread is tied with it. Now same Dua is recited for the prescribed number of times and then person blows on the Taweez now it is ready to use. You can either wear around your neck as a pendant or can tie it on your arm. This will keep the negative energies away from you and positive enrages will be attracted towards you. This method is present in the Islam and people use Tawees to get rid from diseases and problems of life. Taweez also can be worn to make your wishes and dreams fulfilled. When a person ties a Taweez he get blessings or Allah(SWT).

Some of the most used Taweez:

-Taweez for marriage.
-Taweez for child.
-Taweez for success.
-Taweez to cure disease.
-Taweez to get job.
-Taweez to go abroad.
-Taweez for haapy married life.

History of Taweez:

Taweez is not a new concept but it is used from the ages in the historical times it was use to cure severe diseases of the people and to solve major problems of life. At present also people are using this concept widely. By using Taweez you make your concoction with Allah(SWT) who helps you in your hard times and solve your problems. Even you can make Dua to get anything in your life you will receive blessing of Allah(SWT). There is no harm in using Taweez but you must be sure that you are using it for the Halal purpose. Never use Taweez with wrong intentions. Let us clear you one thing that if you want to use Tawwz for any kind of your problem then you will have to energise the Taweez first then only you will get desired results. Begum Noorani Fatimah is very expert in this field you can contact her to get your any kind of problem resolved. She is working in this field from the last several years.

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